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The Manhattan Project: A Seinfeld and Friends Podcast

Dec 28, 2019

Oh, the Cigar Store Indian episode.  April and Ashford discuss the staged Pitfalls of Political Correctness.  And no, we are not talking about 2016 and beyond.  We are going way back to 1993, as Jerry likes one of Elaine's friends, who happens to be Native American, but as you can see from the image above, he begins on...

Dec 21, 2019

The Seinfeld team really approaches the line with this one, playing with the idea of Jerry forcing his professional massuesse girlfriend to perform a massage on him, George is obsessed with a woman that despises him, Jodie the Massuese, and Elaine is dating a dude who shares the same name as serial killer.  No, not...

Dec 15, 2019

The farcical nature of the Barber is not only comical, but yet another triumph by the 4 Who Rule, stretching the boundaries of what a sitcom can do in the sitcom format.  Write to us at Leave a message...

Nov 28, 2019

Let us say that this episode is a, but apparently that is the only thing that is little, for the Four Who Rule are gaining a little...or a lot of weight after eating the bogus Nonfat Yogurt.  

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