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The Manhattan Project: A Seinfeld and Friends Podcast

Dec 22, 2021


April & A.J. talk leaving jobs, moving in to apartments, bad break ups, dangerous Ex's, Christmas Trees, debating the validity of what constitutes a tragedy and doctors.  Happy Holidays everyone. Write to us at


Nov 23, 2021


The Manhattan Project talk Friendsgiving, Abstinence, football, taking on tobacco, getting bumped and so much more.  We also get a special appearance from Tim Price the Podcrasher.  Let us know if you ever celebrated Friendsgiving on Thanksgiving. Write to us at or on Twitter...

Nov 14, 2021



The Manhattan Project talk extremely large poking devices, bad chicken and influences, getting drunk off power, and tough choices.  What do you think about these two episodes?  Ever had the Gambler's Chicken?  What did you think about the Monica Bang plotline?  Let us know at or 6whorule on...

Nov 9, 2021


On this episode of the Manhattan Project, April and A.J. talk creeping around, being transfixed by songs, misleading tourists, rainbow umbrellas, meeting the parents, royalty checks and so much more.  Please write to us at

We would love to hear from...

Oct 30, 2021


April, Tim, and A.J. talk flashbacks, origin stories, more flashbacks and mentorship.

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