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The Manhattan Project: A Seinfeld and Friends Podcast

Feb 29, 2020

A Clown in Gotham City.  Not that Clown and not that Gotham.  George is a cowardly lion around his love interest, Jerry can or can not take the pressure on stage, and Elaine is drowning in Kramer's zany ideas and another overly enthusiastically person in her laugh right after dealing with Judge Reinhold, who felt as if...

Feb 23, 2020

April and Ashford discuss the Raincoats, where Marty Seinfeld and Kramer go into business, Jerry is making out during Schindler's List, Elaine is dating a close talker, and George is sliding into a slow descent of pitiful.  Write to us at

Feb 14, 2020

April & Ashford discuss The Wife, an episode that explores pipes and gym courtesies, tanning and comforters, and trying to keep a pseudo marriage afloat.  Write to us at

Feb 8, 2020

The Stand In is the episode where Elaine goes on a date that doesn't end well, George is in a relationship he can't end out of spite, Kramer causes big problems for a future on and off guest cast member, and Jerry kills with his new material.  

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