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The Manhattan Project: A Seinfeld and Friends Podcast

Sep 30, 2022


April and A.J., America's favorite Uncle and Aunt, are here to talk about dating significant others that remesemble your best friend, finding a crush at the workplace, losing the love of your life, taking a vow of silence, New Yorker Magazine, and so much more!  

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Sep 23, 2022


The Manhattan Project talk about the pivotal momemts of the One with the Embryos and the bunkers nature of Seinfeld's reverse peephole.  

Send us your Friends' trivia for another round of "Do You Know Your Best Friend?"

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Sep 17, 2022



On this episode of the Manhattan Project, April5K & A.J. talk White Coats vs. Blue Blazers (and Gift Shop), 7 is the magic number. navigating a Car Dealership, Geena Davis, different paths to parenthood and so much more.  Reach out to us on Twitter @HuntressPodcast or or e-mail