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The Manhattan Project: A Seinfeld and Friends Podcast

Mar 19, 2021

April and A.J. talk about juice boxes, Cadillacs, lazy boys, Marisa Tomei, and so much more.  Please e-mail us at or leave a message at the website

We love you all.  Thank you for listening; we appreciate your support, deeply and most...

Mar 16, 2021

April and AJ talk about this Special #4 DC Comics titled Lady Cop from the 1970s.  Every worker, no matter the time period, deserves to make it home safely after a shift.  Liza Warner, also known as, Lady Cop has nothing but a difficult time walking the beat of a difficult neighborhood.  The Block is hot, and Warner is...

Mar 9, 2021

April and AJ talk about The Seven and the Friends episode, The One with the Prom Video.  

Mar 1, 2021

The Caddy is definitely one for the books.  The Manhattan Project talk about bras, colorful legal advice, the Yankees, and arch rivals.  Let us know what you think by writing to us at